About Us

Who We Are

Uvagut TV (meaning “Our” TV) is Canada’s first 24/7 Inuktut television channel. 

Uvagut TV broadcasts children’s shows, movies, documentaries, cultural and current affairs programming in Inuktut to communities across the north and throughout the country.

Uvagut TV connects and empowers Inuit to share stories with one other; ensures children are growing up with television programming in their own language; and informs Inuit about issues affecting their lands, lives and culture. Through engaging programming rooted in Inuit storytelling, humour and ways of seeing the world, Uvagut TV strengthens ties and builds understanding across Inuit Nunangat and with Canadians everywhere.

Uvagut TV launched on January 18, 2021 and is available nationally in over 610,000 homes on basic cable via Shaw Direct satellite, Arctic Co-op Cable (Nunavut and NWT) and FCNQ (Nunavik). Viewers around the world can stream the service online 24/7 at uvagut.tv

Uvagut TV is owned and operated by Nunavut Independent Television Network (NITV), an Inuit owned non-profit media arts centre founded in 1991 in Igloolik. For over 30 years, NITV has been dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of Inuktut and Inuit culture through the creation and exhibition of Inuit video art, linking Nunavut communities through Internet television channels, local access internet-TV, media training and digital literacy initiatives, the production and distribution of Inuktut video and film — and now broadcast television.


Get in touch with us: info@uvagut.tv