Ilskyalas Dolores Churchill

Interview with Dana Moraes and Graham Richard

'What is important is that we don't loose our language. That we have toward making sure it continues. Because our language is so much part of our culture and we need to remember the things respect when is spoke about in Haida is so important. When we were children, if we walked in front of the elders once, that was acceptable. But if we walked a second time, we were sent to bed. There were so many things about respect. And then respect is such an important part because we believe in reincarnation, and some of those children that are born are reincarnated so people will really respect children.'

'I really didn't know there was so much work to acting.

'To find out so many of the people were related to me, and our relationship, was so strong, We ere all part of a community at the end.'

'I think that people who are interested in languages, not just Haidas, but all people who are trying to keep their languages alive I think that it's going to work in helping. Maybe other Native groups will start making this.'

'The children that were in the play were so much part of the whole community. They interacted with all of us, there was no devision by old people or young people, we were all a group.'

'The notes that Ben wrote for us, those were really important, my sister and I practice a lot.'

'The young children were really excited about learning how to speak.'

'I'd really like to see another film but I'd like it to be a comedy [...] because I think Haida people really like to laugh.'

Interviewer: Dana Moraes
Camera and Edit: Graham Richard