Silaturvaluk - Sounds Like Wisdom: Exploring The Arctic Ecosystem

 ᓯᓚᑐᕐᕙᓗᒃ (Silaturvaluk) - Sounds Like Wisdom - Exploring The Arctic Ecosystem

Join Meeka Aqqiaruq and Sherisse Richards for episode two of Silaturvaluk! This episode will explore the intricate dynamics of the Arctic ecosystem, blending Inuit wisdom with modern STEAM concepts. The episode delves into the unique characteristics of the Arctic, emphasizing the importance of local biodiversity and sustainability. An interview with Caroline Whittle, an expert on the impact of climate change in the region, will provide firsthand insights into the challenges faced by the Inuit community. The episode seamlessly integrates a hands-on STEAM activity, inviting viewers to engage in creating their own aquatic ecosystem. LIVE on February 8th, 2024.